Top Finishes


Below is a small sample swatch of the top finishes available.  (Not all colours available with each item, final product finish may slightly differ from below image T&C’s apply)



This top is E1 Enviroboard Certified, what does that mean you say well keep on reading

Controlled wood is material from acceptable sources that can be mixed with FSC-certified material in products that carry the FSC Mix label. The controlled wood requirements identify five categories of unacceptable sources for wood, which is not allowed to be mixed with FSC-certified material. These are:

  • Illegally harvested wood
  • Wood harvested in violation of traditional and human rights
  • Wood harvested in forests in which high conservation values (HCVs) are threatened by management activities
  • Wood harvested in forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use
  • Wood from forests in which genetically-modified trees are planted
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