Care & Maintenance


It is important that maintenance is done on a regular basis.

Dirt and grime can damage powder coated and melamine surfaces, regular cleaning will assist with the appearance and performance of our product.

Cleaning should be as follows:

  1. Clean surfaces with a dilute solution of mild liquid detergent in warm water. Avoid hot solutions.
  2. Do not use abrasive tools on surfaces.
  3. After cleaning rinse the film with fresh water.
  4. Do not use strong solvent cleaners.

Where a product has door tracks regular vacuuming to clear dust and debris will assist the operation and longevity of the doors.

Do not cut or slide heavy objects directly on or over melamine or powder coated surfaces as they will scratch and scuff.

Products are designed for indoor use only. Unless otherwise specified by Corella.

Exposure to the elements can lead to rusting of steel items, swelling of melamine.

Where possible do not position goods in direct sunlight as this can lead to fading of colours, also lifting of edge tapes on melamine products.

Corella suggests products are not dragged when moved, if items need to be moved the use of a trolley is recommended if unable to lift heavy items.

Do not sit on desks, tables or steel storage products.

It is recommended to sit in chairs using an upright posture, not leaning back excessively and getting in and out of the chair as gently as possible so not to cause excessive wear on mechanism. Chair mats are recommended to be used where castors are on chairs.

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